Future Victoria

An exciting opportunity to make a significant contribution to one of London's most important and iconic areas.




What are the aims of future victoria?

  • Make the station and interchange easier to use
  • Improve the quality of the streets and spaces around Victoria Station
  • Set out a framework which guides good growth so that it brings benefits to the area
  • Enhance perceptions of Victoria, making it a place that you want to go to

How can you have your say?

Public Engagement is central to the successful delivery of this project. We are holding a series of engagement meetings and workshops to ensure that the views of residents, businesses, visitors and our partners are heard to form part of a future vision and masterplan for the area. 

You can take part in our consultation online. Click here to give us your views on a vision for Future Victoria. 


About The partnership

The public private partnership will support the creation of a vision for good growth in Victoria that supports job creation, housing delivery and a world class transformation of the Station hub and its surrounding area. 

About future victoria

In the last ten years, the Victoria area has seen a major increase in mixed-use development and investment in the transport network but there is still significant room for improvement. Future Victoria aims to make the station and interchange easier to use and to improve the quality of the area’s streets and spaces, to make Victoria a place that you want to go to.

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get in touch

Email us info@futurevictoria.org.uk or call on 0800 368 7592

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